New Poetry Book "Lucifer Speaks" reveals Lucifer was a Title for Jesus Christ.

Outside of the box author, Leagan Kasper, allows Lucifer to speak for himself in new Book

 Lucifer, unaware of having committed any evil, addresses mankind in rhyming verse and inquires what he has done to be shunned and scorned. He continues by explaining what it was that actually took place in heaven for him to be cast to earth, which appeared to have been misunderstood throughout the ages. It was his vote, in the highest court of heaven, that caused him to be sent to earth to try and safe earth, because mankind had become vile and God intended to destroy the planet, Lucifer clarifies. Given only one thousand years by God to shed light and turn man to the good and back to God, time is running out when man begins slandering the light bringer who ends up having to hide, clandestinely wandering the earth as a goat shepherd. Publisher's Page, for more information:

The Latin word Lucifer, it turns out, is a title, not a name. Who it is, having been referred to as light of the world and light bringer, comes as an unexpected surprise. The other name Lucifer is known by is revealed with factual evidence of an existing Latin Christian hymn with an English translation, after the light bearer spoke his truth in Kasper's enlightening 53 page poetry book Lucifer Speaks

And thus, my dears, allow me, remember the old phrase ? "HE, who laughs last, laughs best".

Book Excerpt

Lucifer Speaks is destined to become a classic, with high quality verse feathered by outside of the box thinking author Leagan E. Kasper. One can easily imagine it to be performed on stage as a spectacle play to pave the way into a new age of enlightenment.

Title : Lucifer Speaks. Publishing date: October 9, 2015. Publisher : Korifaeus Publishing. Print/Distribution: CreateSpaceISBN-10: 1517704782. Price: Paperback $8.99  E-book $3.99


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